Friday, 6 March 2009


On Wednesday 4/03/09 Robbie said he was sore inbetween his buttock cheeks and when i checked it out there was a small hole, it was bleeding a little and i just dont know what has caused it.

Got the Dr out on Thursday and Robbie has whats called a 'Perianal Fistula' he has an abscess inside and it make a track from it that makes a hole for the poision to come out....he might need to have surgery but is on anitboitics at the moment and the dr will ring back on Monday to see how it is......they say an in growing hair can cause them!......I do hope it will heal has he has had so many operations in his life.....


  1. Oh Jen, I hope Robbie is OK and that surgery isn't needed ... this must be so painful for him. Hugs for both of you, Lisa

    PS .... that's a great photo of Robbie

  2. Hi Jensters, I had one of those removed. It's a painful process but it hasn't grown back. In spanish it's call "pilonidal" this means a nest of hair. The surgeon extract it and left it open, everyday a nurse came to my house and clean it, this helps to cure it from the inside out. I hope he feels ok by now.

  3. Hi Jen, so sorry to hear Robbie might need an operation..that sounds nasty so hope he is ok. He still looks cute. Say hello and tell Robbie we are thinking of him.

  4. Hi Jen, Read you post on my blog. We had a lovely boxer once, and she was a devil. Would roam the neighbourhood at every chance and the local taxi driver often brought her home. Even built a high gate across the driveway to keep her in, It was so funny when the last brushful of paint went on husband stood back to admire his work, and Cleo just took one look at it and over the top she went and was away again...we couldn't win. My son and his wife are doting parents...hate to think what they will be like when they have real children.


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