Saturday, 18 April 2009

Portsmouth University

Yesterday myself Robbie and my friend Babs travelled by train to Portsmouth to have a look round the city, the Halls where Rob would be staying overlook the sea 'southsea' its lovely....but he has to make a choice soon and the other Uni is Southampton which is quite boring to overlooking the sea....but it is his choice and not mine.

I so hope he can make the right one as this will be his first time ever being looked after by someone else other than me!

Good Luck Rob xXx


  1. Aww huni by the sounds of it, he is a very smart head strong boy!! Im sure he will make the best decision for him.xxxx

  2. Lots of luck with his decision honey! I know thats tough! Your blog is aweosme btw sweetheart!

  3. This is probably harder for you than Robbie Jennie, with your guidance Robbie will be fine - I wish him luck with whatever his decision is xx


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