Wednesday, 2 June 2010

whats on your desk.....

.....Wednesday morning, well mine's looking like organised mess but there are a few thing on there you might guess what they are.

Took this photo of my lovely blooms in my back garden....they look wonderful.

Thanks for the comments on my blog facelift it was a friend of mine Ellie who put it on for me as im useless....take a look at her wonderful xx

Have a good day what ever your


  1. Looks way neater and prettier than mine. Post card arrived last night.
    It is grand!!!! Thanks so much for the other goodies too. Always wanted to go to Eden project. You will have to tell me all about it. I'm off to an art retreat, back on Sunday. I will email then! Thanks again for all the goodies, that watercolor card is so sweet. xox Corrine

  2. Hi Jennie Your desk is so TIDY mine ISN'T .....I couldn't show a pic of mine now it's worse than last time .....xx

  3. Well, Jensters, your desk is tidy compared to mine. I wouldn't dare show anyone the chaos I am surrounded by!!!
    Those blooms are MAGNIFICENT. Is it a Clematis?? The blooms look almost like the ones in my latest UFO [slightly different colour....LOL].
    Great pics.

  4. Lovely clematis, is it Nelly Moser?
    I could not even show you my desk, I can't find it!LOL
    Love your new blog.


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