Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Some help needed.........

.......please to find this magazine cheaper....well its not the price its the shipping costs....it was nearly as much as the magazine at $15 !! the magazine is called Sew Somerset - Winter 2010 - The Art of Sewing and looks so very good!

Thanks in advance
Jen x
Oh and this is the LINK


  1. Im sorry that the text is so big im not sure why its gone like this maybe blogger is playing up...ive tried to change it thro edit and it wont xx

  2. Sorry Jen, I haven't heard of this magazine. I have to 'run off' now, but will look at the link another day. I do hope someone can help you. If I had the magazine, I'd send it to you. Is there anything in it that you would particularly like to make??

  3. Hey Jen... yes shipping is expensive for these magazines, I ordered some before... anyway, do you shop on eBay? I found this link, but I don't know what shipping would be to you, so you'd have to log in... http://cgi.ebay.ca/SEW-SOMERSET-Winter-2010-NEW-Creative-Sewing-Projects-/350356153707?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5192daa56b

    let me know how you make out! (P.S. Sorry I haven't been commenting on your posts, I just got back from holidays and getting back to blogging and everything else). Hugs.

  4. You can get the magazine at Craft Arena in Billericay, Essex. My last copy cost £14.99, depends on the exchange rate. It is a lovely magazine, one you keep reading over and over again. Denise does mail order. www.craftarena.co.uk or 01277 523780
    Have you seen Somerset Stdio magazine?

  5. Hope you can find it local. If not, let me know and I will send mine to you.
    It is quite marvelous. xox Corrine

  6. Thanks everyone your all so kind....Sharne i rang the shop in Essex and they dont have any back copies which is such a shame but at least i know i can get newer copies there.

    Corrine i shall send you a email.

    And Linda there is not anything i want to make, it just looks like an amazing magazine.

  7. Have you tried Rainbow Silks in Missenden? They also sell the magazine. I get mine from Craft Arena as it is local to me. I know RS sell the mag and other Somerset mags as well eg Art Doll. They have back copies of many different mags might be worth a call. 01494 862929 .Open 10-4 (I visit this shop when I go to my Mother's, just a small detour about 20 miles LOL. A girls just got to haven't they?)

  8. Hi Jen
    YE is short for Young Embroiderers', a young version of Embroiderers' Guild. We have a very strong Branch, over 80 members and our YE last year had a waiting list. I am not sure how many young ladies will be turning up tomorrow, as it is the first one this school year.

  9. Hi jen sorry cant help you on the magazine front hope you manage to find a copy as I know its so irritating when you want something you cant get lol... hows evening classes going, hope your having fun have a great weekend enjoy hopefully the sun ju x


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