Monday, 11 October 2010

Rochester Castle and the Wedding......

.....of Nigels first Cousin, Charles and his new wife Louise and photos taken by me at the castle yesterday on the 10/10/10 on such a wonderful sunny day.

A little about the Castle for who is interested!
In the early 13th century, Rochester Castle was besieged by King John, causing such damage to the south corner of the keep that it subsequently collapsed. Shortly afterwards, Rochester Castle was given the status of a major royal stronghold, and the shattered corner of the keep was reconstructed in a cylindrical style, and further protected by the addition of a drum tower. Further destruction was suffered in 1264, but repairs were not carried out for more than 100 years. During this time of neglect, coupled with being subjected to the elements, Rochester Castle began to deteriorate into ruins. However, Edward III undertook a major rebuilding and restoration programme and by 1400 Rochester Castle was, once again, a viable fortress.


  1. What an ideal day for a wedding! The weather could not had been better. Very nice pictures, love the way the dress looks in the second one:)
    Thanks for visiting. Looking forward to seeing your new machine!

  2. I could only have dreamed of getting married in a castle... I miss castles! Looks like it was a wonderful day and wedding... weddings always warm the heart! You took lovely photos and I am happy to see them... and I love the history of the castle, I am so glad the restoration took place and it is still around today! Hugs.

  3. What a lovely setting for a wedding and so lucky with the weather.
    Cant wait to see your new sewing machine.

  4. Great setting and fab day for that lovely wedding!

  5. Agreed. What a romantic backdrop for wedding and for photos. The weather was just so fine. They look like a happy happy couple!

  6. What a lovely setting - and a very auspicious date for a wedding too.

  7. Wonderful Jennie I also went to a wedding on 10-10-10! Beautiful day
    hope you are doing well


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