Friday, 31 December 2010

Can i share a...............

..............text i just received with you from a childhood friend, it did make me cry.

Yve Mobile: Oh jen u are so fab! I hope with all ma heart that u & ur lovely family have the best 2011 eva. I am lightin some lanterns with nat at midnight. look up 1 will be there 4 with a wish & a prayer. Love u xxxx

Jen Mobile: What a wonderful text Yve i shall be looking for my lantern, lets hope the wind is blowing the right way xx

Yve Mobile: My prayers will land right next 2 u, not matter what the wind is doing, because Angels no to bring them 2 only very special people, so they r on the way.xxxxxxx To Mr Godfrey, Mr Frazer and Carol, we raise a glass & say thank you for being who u were, and making us what we r.xxxxx

Jen Mobile: Now i'm crying Yvonne, love you, you r such a thoughtful friend x

Mr Godfrey is my Dad and Mr Frazer is her Dad and Carol is my hubbys sister who died four years ago of a brain hemorrhage at the age of 47 :(


  1. now you 2 have me crying too, lol xxx ju x

  2. Beautiful...Prayers for lasting friendships...

  3. Jennie you are lucky to have such a precious friend .......Happy New Year......xx

  4. What a wonderful friend Jennie. All my friend and family long gone were in my heart too. xox Corrine

  5. What a moving text! Happy New Year to you!

  6. Hello Jen, Happy New Year to You. Yup, I think we all wished you had started been more creative sooner. I know I do. Sooooooooo you will turn 50 this year. Congratulation. Being over 50 is wonderful.. Hug Jud

  7. Just catching up again Jen. What a lovely message you had from your friend. My good wishes to you as always, and your extended family. Life hands us many surprises, some good, some bad. I hope all of your days will be filled with joy this year. Thank you for sharing such a private moment.


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