Sunday, 19 December 2010


Can anyone else around the world see the lovely cirlce around the Moon? ive never seen it before and it looks lovely like a Halo.


  1. Hi Jen, haven't looked out at the moon just at the moment. We've had such a lot of cloud cover. We often see rings around the moon here. Normally, our sky is clear, and we can see everything, as we don't have other lights competing with nature. Some people have certain 'superstitions' about such things, but I care so little about that I can't even remember what they are!!

    Happy holidays to you and your family, thank you for keeping up with my blog and being there with a cheery message. Your happy comments make my day.

  2. That ring around the moon is caused by the moonlight reflecting off ice crystals high in the atmosphere (I _think_). Means it is cold, cold, cold up there!

    Beautiful, of course - most of nature is. :)


  3. We have had such thick cloud cover each night lately that the moon has been well hidden.

    All the very best for the season and the new year.xx

  4. Something to do with the very cold weather we are having?
    Have a great Christmas!

  5. Hey Jen.... never noticed, but then I haven't stopped to look, LOL! Loved your last post, lovely project, I should have commented then, but I am in a whirlwind right now.... as for the little gift... please don't think it will excite you like Judy's gift, it was just a little something I thought you could use in your beautiful creations, so go ahead and open it, it was not meant as a Christmas gift, just "t'was the season" so I just wrapped it that way... it is just a little thinking of you gift for when you have a spare moment to be creative.... and I wanted to brighten your day because I know you had been having some tough times lately.... please don't be disappointed, I hope you can use it... I have tons going on right now... hopefully I will reveal that on my blog in the very very near future.... so you will see why I only got this out now and not when I asked for your address so very very long ago... Hugs!

  6. Snowy and cloudy here to Jennie. We get a ring when it's going to rain like mist.....Hope your Christmas making is fun. xox Corrine

  7. Fabulous wide ring Sun pm narower ring Mon pm. Moonlight was glancing thru part melted ice holes on the Velux window - if I could only capture that in my work!


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