Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Weaving and other things,,,,

This week at college we was learning Weaving and i really enjoying it the orange and green one was done on a handmade wooden frame and the other one is done on card, now does anyone know how to get it of the card? as teacher only showed how to get it off the and im now stuck!!

Third picture is some felt ive made and stitched into....I must post my inspriational photos!!!

Fourth one is stitching onto soluable to look like lace with some beads added and Fifth is a sheet of Organza with other fibre sandwiched between two layers of Soluable and stitched all over.

Have a nice day whatever the weather.......just starting to snow a little here again this afternoon.


  1. Takes me back to my college days when my friend and I used to spend hours in the textile room weaving - well I should say laughing helplessly oh and doing a bit of weaving as well!!! happy days! Great pieces - keep up the good work!

  2. Such lovely samples, all of them. Weaving is so good to imagine. I am not yet at it, some day.... I love the baby. But tell me, when did you write your "about me" because there you have 32 years but you have already upgrown children and you are a grandmother. But really on the photo you are looking like 32.

  3. Weavings are cool. I have a weaver friend and am amazed at what can
    be done. I am lucky I can do a potholder loom....Snow everywhere over there and we have seen none yet, What wacky weather. xox Corrine

  4. Hi Jen, love all of these samples, especially the purple lace/beading. I am not a weaver, so I can't help with your dilemma, sorry. Hope the weather isn't too hard on you all over there. We are having unseasonably cool, cloudy weather here. Whatever happened to Make it Great in the Sunshine State!!! Cheers for now.

  5. Jen, I also love the lacy piece. It looks so delicate.

    Good luck with your weather. We have had rain storms today. thanks also for all your lovely comments on my blog: I really appreciate them.

  6. that soluble stuff is fascinating! it looks so cool, i have to try that one day!

  7. I do not understand a thing about this type of art BUT I do know that it looks beautiful and so very detailed - just beautiful Jen.


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