Monday, 17 January 2011


Here we go as promised my boards that ive been working toward on my Textile Course, I have to use some of the techniques that i have learnt so i am thinking of using......Slashing.....Solouble with free machine embroidery and felt, not sure if you can see but the last picture is what i was trying to design at 5am this morning!!! Click on the picture to enlarge any of them.

Thanks for looking and any comments.

Hugs Jen x


  1. I find your work fascinating Jennie - I want to reach into the photos to feel the fabrics and textures. Thank you for sharing your boards it's very interesting to see some of your design processes.

  2. great boards Jennie there a qualification to your course ?.......x

  3. Hello!
    What a breath of fresh air your blog is! I love the white background..and inspiration is definitely a must in my world!
    Stop by anytime for a visit!

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  4. Great to see what you have been doing for the class, so much going on in these boards, now where will you go!!!! xox Corrine

  5. Jen, thank you for sharing your 'planning boards', they are wonderful. Enlarging the photos gives greater detail [especially love the work in photo #2]. I think the insets that you've mapped out will be a great way to incorporate your techniques into the hat. Always lovely to see how people approach a task.

  6. WOW Jennie, you are having a fabulous exploring time in your course. Great boards Love those bright colours.Thanks for the Birthday wishXXX

  7. Your work is so lovely. You seem to be learning so much on your special.
    A x

  8. Everything looks lovely, Jennie, this must have been a wonderful course.


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