Thursday, 27 January 2011


Well this is going to be the Crown of the hat, i have free machine embroidered on it and will add some gold petite beads....Once this is done i shall sew it together and keep my fingers crossed it will work with the weaving Top......Believe it or not this is the colour that runs through the weaving, just a bad lighting i think!!

Any ideas on what i could edge the bottom of it with please, im a little stuck here? X

Thanks for all your encouraging comments

Hugs Jen x


  1. This is fantastic Jennie, can't help you out with the bottom though, I am no stitcher.....xox Corrine

  2. Does it need edging - or could you line it so that the lining covers the raw edge.

  3. Twiglet beat me to it :-) so often we think the same. :-)
    Looking great so far.
    A x

  4. It looks wonderful - the fmq is stunning. I don't know - I might be tempted to run a single line of gold stitching just up from the edge (the same thread as the fmq) and then allow the edges to fray so that it tied in with the weaving on the top section as that has lots of little frayed edges.

    The slashed diamonds are lovely.

  5. Ooo that embroidery is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it come together, Jen!

  6. Your machine embroidery is gorgeous Jen. Love the diamond inset pieces. Not sure how to 'finish' bottom. I always like piping [gold fabric covering mini piping cord??], but perhaps a binding would be easiest.

    I really think you are making a great job of this, and I'm totally enjoying the process. Of course, the gold beads will be beautiful and so necessary.......LOL........

  7. You are doing wonderful work on your hat, Jen. Look forward to seeing it all put together. I like Michelle's idea for the edging, and I love the gold scrolls.


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