Sunday, 23 January 2011

more stuff and vid........

Sorry the video is on its side its the first time ive even uploaded a video!! Anyhow it was a great trip to London....We had breakfast in the new famous Westfields before making our way to my Niece's house and the party was in Holland Park, so it was fun for all the children with a park outside.
Then this morning my neighbour knocked on the door with a package from Corrine it had been delivered yesterday day whilst i was out......thank you for sorting out your stash Corrine these are amazing and ive already found a bag that my daughter will i shall have ago at making it....thanks for the other goodies too.

Then there is the dying of silk and calico for some weaving for the top of my hat.....but as my hubby says i always have to do things the dying came out great BUT the strips wasnt long enough for the im gonna have to do it all again....never mind hey xx
As always thanks for all your lovely comments.....and a big kiss on the cheek for Corrine X


  1. I knew you would make good use of those mags. Glad they arrived and you will have some fun projects to make. xox Corrine

  2. some fun dancing was being had in the video! a lovely party indeed Jen!

    and look at that haul of goodies... what fun!

  3. You are gonna have fun looking through all those mags - shame your strips weren't long enough but I'm sure those strips will come in handy elsewhere :0)

    I can't see a video - will look on big computer first chance.

  4. Hi Jen looks like you had a great party! - so good and those lovely things from Corrine! Pity about the dyeing but hey this is the way we all have to learn!!!
    Thanks for leaving the lovely comment and hope you enjoy the new magazine of Cindy's - I think these emagazines are few and far between.

  5. Ooh, lucky you with your post!

    I did that linked within thing, thanks to your great advice!

  6. Lovely parcel of goodies. Love the colour of the strips too.

  7. I love the colours of the strips!!!

  8. Hi Jen, your dyed strips looks lovely. I think it's a beautiful colour, but perhaps it's not the colour you need [???]. Love the parcel you received, have a lovely read, won't you. Lovely to hear you had a wonderful time. Getting very hot here now, just like January usually is!! Take care, and I'm looking forward to seeing that hat!!

  9. Hi, Jen, so nice that you commented on my weaving! So here you are and I'm pouring over your blog - I love your weavings. I'll be giving you lots of comments as I go along! Love that video even if it did take a bit of a quirk with the neck! Fun time.


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