Friday, 18 February 2011

I asked............. special cyber friend Lisa a big favour for my wonderful niece Georgina as she lost her dog before christmas and he meant the world to her as when she was only 12 her Mum died, so he was a great comfort to her.

Lisa does Smudge Painting and i asked her if she would do one for me for Georgina and this is the amazing can check Lisa's blog to look at lots of other photos she has done. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Another thank you to Shell for changing my blog for me xxx


  1. What a lovely idea and a great result.

  2. Wow - fantastic results and such a lovely idea.

  3. thats an amazing painting Jennie and the you tube video is brilliant .......x

  4. Hi Jen, what a great transformation!!! I so admire digital alteration of photographs, and this one's a beauty, of course, great subject matter - what a kind and loving dog.

    Sorry, videos don't play well with my connection.

    Love the new blog background.

  5. Fabulous talent, he's just like my dog - mine is more shaggy with gravy on his ears! ;) Loved the (bit) of your history, what a great Dad! I'm off to look at the video!

  6. Your new blog face is quite charming, I really like it. Smudge painting, what a wonderful gift to your niece. xox Corrine Glad to be back.


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