Saturday, 21 May 2011


...........really trying to get back into the swing of things......hoping to do some potting up in the garden today........a couple more photos of my holiday.
Also my healthy eating started on Wednesday, had put far to many stones will keep you informed how im going once a month x

Enjoy your weekend what ever your doing x


  1. beautiful photos! I love the seaside shot. I assume this in the United Kingdom? love it!

  2. Hope you are feeling a little better: the photos are great.

  3. Pictures look wonderful ! Thats hilarious with the table ! know the feeling with the weight situation we must be on the same page i just rejoined weight watchers wednesday lets spur each other on !!

    sun is finally shining here so i am going to get some gardening done and get out my patio stuff.

    have a fabulous weekend


  4. Great photo of your head on the table... very clever!

    I've been losing weight but still need to lose more so I'll be cheering you on and trying hard myself too :-)

    Love Shell x

  5. Wonderful photos Jen, and the table one made me laugh out loud. thank you for that. Hope you are having a great weekend. How is the underwater project going.

  6. I agree.........gorgeous photos, and the head on the table is too funny!! Have fun with the repotting. I've been on a get fit kick myself, lost some weight, and feel a little better about myself. Have to battle on on my own, too far to go to WW meetings and such. I walk 5kms each day if I can. Good luck, and perhaps we'll share some 'trade' secrets.

  7. That table photo pretty funny Jen. xox Corrine


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