Sunday, 7 August 2011

What a.............

.............send off.......I've never seen anything like that before, so wonderful and personal, i shall miss Tone my father in law very much he was Jamaican as my mother in law re-married and i have know him for 35years he was the kindest man ever, Robbie was devastated as he was Robs Granddad and he was the proudest man when Rob past his driving test. This is what Robbie wrote and read at the service.


Another link is broken

In our family chain

But as god calls us one by one

The chain will fix again

When the nights are starry

When the sky is blue

We will look to heaven

And blow kisses up to you,

You were like the sun Granddad

You brightened up our day

You were always there to help us in every single way,

You’ll be sadly missed by everyone

Your music will be too

You will live on in all of us,

Granddad we love you.



  1. That is a lovely poem Jen, My sympathies to you and your family. It must be a very sad time for Robbie.

  2. My condolences to you and your family, Jen. A lovely poem.

  3. What a beautiful tribute to Robbie's grandad. He would have been very proud of Rob's poem.

  4. Jennie what a wonderful tribute sorry ....take care of yourself ........xx

  5. Beautiful Jen, the poem says it all.

    Dian xxx

  6. Jen a beautiful poem for a beautiful guy Robbie did him proud ! so sorry you are having such sadness in your life i hope you can stay strong and know you have the love and support of your friends . thinking of you and sending big hugs !! xx

  7. So sorry to hear this Jen. What an awful time your family is having. I am sure 'grand dad' was a great man. Love the poem Robbie penned, says so much about the man. Thinking of you, and hoping things will improve soon. Cheers.

  8. What a sweet tribute by your son to his Granddad. And like the poem says: "he will live on in all of you..." Take care Jen.

  9. That is such a beautiful poem Robbie has written. Sorry you are having so much sadness just now, life has to get better again soon. Thinking of you all. Cheers.

  10. Oh Jennie,

    What a loving tribute Robbie wrote. Isn't it amazing what love can do...sorry for your loss. xox Corrine

  11. Oh Jen Robbie wrote the most beautiful tribute!!
    I am really feeling for you too at present to lose such an important family member.
    Another star shining bright in the sky!
    Thank you sweet woman for your beautiful comment
    left for me also about my Dad's passing a few days ago.
    Love and hugs,


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