Sunday, 30 October 2011

My Brothers Inquest.....

.........was last Thursday, it was a very interesting thing to go to but so very very sad listening to the 12 days leading up to Willie's death, they played an audio of a conversation he had with one doctor which really upset me!

The verdict was they gave basic medical care but thats all and they should hold there heads in shame.....we can now take it further which my brother Dave is going too.

Willie's death certificate now has cause of death with narrative- which basically outlines the failings of the medical professional's involved in Willie's last was a very difficult day.. it has now become a civil matter and will be dealt with further....

Still so shocked he died this way.

Thanks to my friends for your support.


  1. My Goodness, thank heavens your family is following this up on this matter.

  2. Oh Jennie how distressing for you ......hhow terrible for your lovely brother......x

  3. He touched everyones hearts and was such a well loved person.

  4. What a sad thing to go through. Sending you big hugs,
    A x

  5. Oh Jennie, so hard for you, not much solace but maybe you can put it to rest once and for all and remember your brother as you loved him in life! xox Corrine

  6. I'm sorry you've had to go through this difficult time. Hugs

  7. It is good to see this is being followed up on. Nothing like this should be allowed to happen again, such a tragic waste of a life so dear. Thinking of you Jen.

  8. sending love and hugs



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