Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Log cabin....

.....made this card for my friends 50th which was today, had an afternoon of goodies and buck fizz.
Plus my friend Babs and I made her some bunting for her craft shed.
Hope yr all well and will check out yr blogs soon as been super busy xx


  1. Dear Jen
    So lovely to hear from you. I love your crazy card made for your friend's 50th.
    I've never heard the expression "buck fizz" is totally new to me!
    Hope things are going better for you now Jen.
    x Suzy

  2. Hi Jen, great card making!! I'm not in the know either about 'Buck Fizz', sounds like it could be something I'd be into......LOL..... Lovely to see you if only for a short post. Your friend has one seriously cool 'shed'. We should all aspire to own one like that!! Take care, and take it easy. Cheers.

  3. Oh, I like your birthday block. It is great! Oh, those words and expressions, I can only guess.

  4. Jen, this Craft Shed is just SO CUTE!!! Great card!

  5. Hello Jen, Your birthday card and bunting is very creative and lovely. I love that wonderful garden shed which I add one. VBG Hugs Judy

  6. What a beautiful card for your friend Jennie. Hope you are doing well. xox


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