Friday, 3 January 2014

Doing a Happy Dance......... yesterday i finished my vintage fabric book featuring 18th Century Boston Terriers....brought on by my lovely little dog Sookie.

Also thanks to Suzy for all her inspiration from her blog and some tips.

Im hoping to get back to my blogging as I've had a hard couple of years losing loved ones.

Wishing everyone a happy 2014

Thanks for any comment or taking the time to look :)


  1. Totally gorgeous Jen. Happy New Year! x Jo

  2. Oh hello Jenny! I am always happy to see you posting. I wish you a happy year 2014, health and creativity and much time for yourself.

  3. A very justifiable happy dance, your book is beautiful! I hope 2014 is a happier year for you. x

  4. Hello Jenny
    You should be so proud of yourself in creating this amazing lace book. It is an absolute credit to you. I can see the many hours of love that you have worked into this gorgeous creation and I'm also patting you on the back too!
    Such an important theme to you using the BostonTerriers with beautiful images of 18th centuary women too.
    Your layers of doilies, lace and lace motifs along with the use of the lush braids and flowers and red ticking really complement the deep red rich maroon velvets that you have used here and there.
    It must give you a great sense of achievement having reached the end as I know about the endurance required to create one of these! Let's hope it will inspire you to continue expressing your creativity into the New Year living every moment with love and positivity.
    Warm hugs and love to you,

  5. It's fabulous! Love the laces and the olde world look.

  6. Jen thank you for sharing this wonderful book. It is going to be a real family heirloom. You are so creative and amazing.


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