Sunday, 4 April 2010


I love this little leaf i embellished on my machine.....i did it on soluble fabric.
Thanks for looking.


  1. This is sooooo good. All you embellishers, what fun you have.
    Tyvek is a non woven polyester material used to make shipping
    envelopes and it is waterproof. You can paint it, stitch on it, and
    if you do it outside, melt it and make textured pieces and paint over it.
    We get them alot because we work for ourselves and we get
    things shipped to us in them. I save them all. You can also run it through
    an embossing machine and it takes it great.

  2. I love it too. Really pretty.
    A x

  3. Thats pretty Jen did you use an embellisher machine ?...i have one but can't seem to get on with it .x

  4. Very sweet leaf...I love the book cover below as well. Nice work you do.

  5. Love this little leaf. I've never used the dissolvable fabric with needle-felting. Must try!!

  6. I also love it, it looks so soft ... I hope you had a wonderful Easter Jen xx

  7. Jen, this is a lovely leaf, I do like this embellishing you can create such a variety of things.

  8. Hi Jen, thanks for the comment on my blog re the quilt. The background fabric is actually deep purple I played with the camera and it is not taking true colours..dang!
    I am a fiddler with things...guess I should leave things alone
    i wouldn't look too closely at a couple of places. But I love the heart on the top left. except the leaves which I forgot how to do.

  9. It is a very sweet leaf, indeed. I am just new to your blog and I will read back a bit, to get acquainted. I read your profile info about your son - it must be very challenging for both of you. I'm sure it is a special blessing for you that you have a creative soul. xo, Morna


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