Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Tuesday Morning..........

..........back at work and im bored already! Robbie has a wheelchair appointment this afternoon for new seating for his wheelchair and it will probably take about 3 hours knowing them......Hope you all have a nicer day planned than me....lol


  1. Back at work hey .... hope it gets better for you. My day is almost over, it is 6.15pm here and work was HUGELY BUSY ... good luck with the wheelchair fit-out xx

  2. Just starting out work Jennie, but had a good lol, I knew you Brits would know all about stining nettle. You are all so much more into herbs than most of the US thanks to the likes of Alan Titchmarsh and the zillions of good gardeners on your side of the pond.....hope your wheelchair appt goes well. Corrine

  3. hi Jennie poor you ...remember to take a bit of stitching with you ...it passes the time.....i put your letter in the post today ...xx


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