Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Wheelchair clinic update

...Well what an afternoon.....they have finally got Robbie's seating correct after 9 months! And now its to high which means he would have trouble going under tables and his desk and other stuff....so i bet that will take another couple of months to get right.

Im off out with some friends 2moro, going to a craft shop....so this should be a much nicer day :-}


  1. Hope you had fun at the shop. My dad had a spinal injury when I was at high school, so we grew up with wheelchairs etc. It must be so frustrating for all of you.Thoughts with you.

  2. phew Jennie you deserve a good day today .....will that mean another visit if your son's chair is too high???....xx

  3. Just noticed the gorgeous little leaf on your earlier blog - what will you do with it? Hope a great crafty day out.


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