Wednesday, 26 May 2010


.....I turned down all three of their options which were working in London which i cant do because of Robbie.....for them to find me another job in another department which would be know good as benefits and my hours wouldnt work and voluntary....all 10 of which are the only ones left turned them down.....So now they are going along the lines of Compulsory which means more money 'hopefully' and 6months notice!!

On a better note im off to Portsmouth in a mo to see Robbie we have a so proud of him being able to go to uni and he has hit some hurdles but hopefully next year we will see some results....for those of you who dont know Robbie he is disabled and wheelchair dependant and its the first time he has ever stayed away from home and not having me as his carer.

Have a good day whatever the Jen x


  1. I hope your work situation takes the right turns for you Jen. Also wishing Robbie all the best in this new adventure. He must be a remarkable young man. I imagine you miss him though - a new phase of your life.

  2. Hope it all come through Jennie and you must be so proud of Robbie
    and his new adventure. How great that he is making his life at university.
    A challenge for sure but it must make him so happy to be there! xox Corrine

  3. Hi Jennie dont let them get you down will all turn out ok I'm sure ....and Go Robbie...good for him ......xx

  4. Hey Jen hope everything turns around for you with the job situation. You must be sooo proud of Robbie he sounds like a wonderful courageous young man i wish him all the best !

  5. Hey Jen... keeping my fingers crossed for you on the job front... you must be very proud of Robbie, independence is wonderful, life inspiring, and food for the sould... wishing him all the best... nothing is impossible when you just believe... Hugs.

  6. Hello jen, I hope your work situation comes out good for you in the end. Your Robbie sounds like a kid with great spirit. I wish him well. Hugs Judy

  7. Hi Jen, absent from blogging world yesterday. Just wishing you all the best with the job and also my hearty congratulations to Robbie on such an achievement. You must feel so proud.


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