Tuesday, 1 June 2010

An Angel

I made this layout a little while ago and i love it so thought i would show it to you xx

I will be posting snippets of some ATC's for swaps....so keep watching...lol xx


  1. Jennie thats lovely ......you could print that onto fabric and stitch into it .....xx

  2. Lovely layout Jennie, I would like to see it stitched, Lorna is so right!
    Nice use of digital imagery...xox Corrine

  3. Beautiful layout, so so lovely!

  4. Thats really lovely and just read the below post - well done on the weight loss - I need to follow your example!!
    Lol just ahd to add that the word verification is.......chees ch (my prob exactly - too much chees sh!

  5. Thanks Ladies, and yes you are so right Lorna i have so many kits....so might give this a try....brought another one today SEA DIARY thats where my new blog layout came from....hopefully will make a new layout with this too xx

  6. This is so sweet Jen, and I agree too that printing it onto fabric and lightly enhancing it with embroidery would be lovely.
    Love the new blog header and background, it's so 'summery' and 'hip.


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