Friday, 6 August 2010


.....for all your postive comments they have really meant alot and for those who understand what im going through....I did go and get his old seat although she wasnt happy to give it i told you either give it back or i dont know what i will do to myself "not that i would" but these people need to realise that our lifes have been hell for the past couple of days....then on my way home the tears came i just could not stop crying, relef i think!!.

Anyhow we have now made Robbies old seat a little better with some new foam and Nigel took the metal out of it....its not ideal but it will do till our next app if we get Rob needs more special treatment as just one little different thing and it puts everything out.

If its not sorted at the next appointment im going to right a letter of complaint.

You now have a happier Jennie back, and im going out for the day with hubby.

Hugs to you all for supporting me xx


  1. So glad you're feeling happier. Really hope those that 'can' actually 'do' and things get sorted for you. It's just not fair that something as simple as getting a chair to fit right that can make such a difference to life for all concerned should take such a long time. Sending you lots of possitive vibes and big hugs.
    A x

  2. Glad you are feeling better...I can only say he same as Wipso...and also sending you lots of possitive vibes and big hugs....

  3. Send the letter now anyway and have a wonderful relaxing day with your hubby. xox Corrine

  4. Hope you have had a great day - you certainly deserve it!!!


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