Thursday, 5 August 2010


........was worse than the day before....poor Rob keeps slipping down in his new seat i lost count how many times i had to get him out and reposition him.....STRESSED is not the word!!! im praying that they havnt got rid of the other seat as at 9am this morning im going to get it even tho its in a bad way and they are gonna have to have a rethink....not even sure they will give it back because of the state of it but there is no way we can all live like this!!!

Ive been awake most of the night worrying if only i could it expain it all to you guys....they only do monthly appointment thats why it takes so long.....god i feel sick ;(

Thanks for listening to me yet again



  1. I just finished reading your last 2 posts Jennie .... I wish there was something I could do to help. You know that I understand some of the issues you would be going through BUT how on earth can you lift Robbie ... he is a grown man - your frustration and feelings of helplessness must be so hard for you at this time and without any help available your must be feeling terrible. I wish you could come to Australia and have a break ... I have a bottle of Bundy for you xxxx keep in touch and stay strong my sweet friend - lots of love, Lisa

  2. Hiya Jen, just talking to my hubby about what you are going through - he says can't you kick up a fuss through a radio station or some such to get some action. It must be so disappointing for you when you have worked so hard to give Robbie a decent life and these people just don't get it. You hang in there and know there are people out here in cyber space who wish you well.x

  3. Oh you poor dear how frustrating for you...ggrrr

  4. Oh Jen, my heart goes out to you all, it must be just awful to try and make it work for Robbie and no easy solutions. You are resourceful though, I know you will come up with a solution and make someone out there get it done.
    xox Corrine

  5. Jen... I am so sorry for what you are going through... I have a friend who is in a wheelchair, and I totally understand how this is affecting both you the caregiver, and Robbie, the one "living" in the seat. Sadly, the organizations who deal with these things, although they believe they are doing their job, are usually able-bodies persons who may never have had a family member in this situation, or only deal with the patient for a few minutes/hours but never truly understand the long-term every day effects this has on those involved... I hope, and am sending positive thoughts your way, for a speedy solution to this matter... I, like Dian, feel there must be something further that should be done, radio, newspaper, or letter to the head honcho.. that is easy for me to say because I don't like stirring the pot, but when I believe there is reason to, I do. Hang in there and take strength from those who care about you... Hugs.

  6. Jen, so sorry I haven't been here to offer support. I am here now and holding out my hand to you. You go girl, get that seat back and give someone a piece of your mind.


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