Monday, 14 March 2011

Here we go........

..........i cut the Tyvek into strips and then painted it, once dryed i tyied knots into it and wrapped some thread and added a couple of beads......pinned it to cardboard and using my heat tool melted it......i will couch this into my wallhanging i think (mind all jumbled up with ideas)!

Can you spot the Ammonite carved in the cardboard i cut to make a template? x Third picture down.

Oh sorry the pictures are not that great but took them at 5am as couldn't sleep....i wonder why!!!


  1. What a delicious 'neclace' of creativity! I have some tyvek I painted ages ago, must go roll it up into beads!

    Just seen the fish foot treatment, now I've seen it all!

  2. wow, they are fantastic Jen. It is good to see what you are doing. I love using tyvek but there never seems enough time lately.

    Thanks for all the encouraging comments on my blog posts. I really appreciate them.

  3. Tyvek does some amazing things. I really like how it takes paint. These will look great couched into a piece. xox Corrine

  4. I like your Tyvek work and how you photographed it.

  5. Great outcome Jen. There will be no stopping you now, Tyvek and heat gun in hand!! I am not seeing pictures very well with my new computer. I am not sure Windows 7 sees colours in the right way. I think I'm going to have to make some phone calls to sort it out. I have absolutely no red in what I see. Very frustrating.

  6. You crazy lady lol - 5am!!!! Jen, we need our beauty sleep!!! It was worth it though - great result - way cool. Now calm the mind and SLEEP!


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