Saturday, 2 July 2011


........Still do not know what's happening but we have a review on Monday afternoon so just need to find out what they suggest............also ive made and appointment to see the citizens advice to find out where we stand with all this......oh and Robs got to sign for the keys next week too!!!

Jen x


  1. Hi Jen, I do hope all of this works out ok for you & Robbie. It must be very stressful.
    thanks for your email. I did get it and I have tried to comment here on blogger a couple of times without success.

    I have had you in my thoughts.xxxDian

  2. Continuing to hope for a happy outcome for you all. Keep on being strong.

    Love Shell x

  3. thinking of you and do hope it works out the way you both want. this really must be so hard for you both, can't be helping his strudies either. I'm venting madly for youx lynda

  4. Good luck Jen hope it all works out satisfactorily. Thinking of you and Robbie.

    By the way love the new look on your blog.

  5. Hope it works out Jen as if life isn't tough enough... .you have to fight with petty bureaucracy.......thanks for good wishes for my back ...take care thinking of you ...xx

  6. I hope you had good news today Jen.


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